Grave Robber Floral Co.

Grave Robber Floral Co. offers full service florals for all of the distinctive moments in your life: weddings, house warmings, store openings, brand launches, photoshoots, Sunday gatherings, and more.



We hand pick each and every stem used to create your perfect installation, bouquet, or centerpiece.

Designed with intention, small details won’t go unnoticed.

We know that it is important for an event to look cohesive and that the flowers can make or break an event, so we take the utmost time & care to make sure your stems are perfect for your day. 



We offer unique pieces for a wide variety of styled shoots.

Quality and care of flowers is important to us so we choose to work with the best wholesalers to provide you with the highest quality product.

We love working with other artists to achieve a complete look and feeling.


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